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What are shrub and tree pests?

When it comes to tree and shrub pests, the answer to what they are is simple: unwelcome intruders on our Texas properties that cause damage to plant life. Pests like borers, scales, and aphids attack and damage the leaves, bark, and branches of trees, shrubs, and other landscaping. Though tiny in size, when these insects work together, the damage they cause in our yards is significant.

aphids on a leaf in tarrant county

Are shrub and tree pests dangerous?

Tree and shrub pests are insects that cause damage, disfiguration, and even death to the trees and shrubs they are using as a food source. Your once-thriving greenery can quickly become damaged by tree and shrub pests. Landscaping your property is not a cheap endeavor, and the damage that boars, scales, and aphids cause is costly.

Why do I have a shrub and tree pest problem?

Tree and shrub pests easily become a problem on our properties because we often don’t notice them until a full-blown infestation occurs. Any property with shrubs, trees, and other greenery can become home to aphids, borers, scales, and other tree and shrub pests. These tiny insects won’t hesitate to take advantage of the food, moisture, and shelter our yard’s trees and shrubs provide them.

Where will I find shrub and tree pests?

Where exactly you will find tree and shrub pests depends on their exact species:

  • Borers are insects that lay their eggs on or inside healthy trees. When the larvae hatch, they use the living tissues in the tree as a food source.
  • Scales are sucking insects that feed on the leaves of a wide variety of trees and shrubs.
  • Aphids feed on plants using special mouthparts that pierce a plant’s stems, leaves, and shoots.

How do I get rid of shrub and tree pests?

Because they are difficult to keep out of our yards and away from our trees and shrubs, tree and shrub pest elimination is best left to a professional. At Trees Hurt Too, Inc., we understand how frustrating it is to deal with tree and shrub pests and how devastating their damage can be to a Texas yard. We use green products to keep your property’s trees and shrubs healthy in an environmentally friendly manner.

To learn more about our effective tree care services, or to schedule a free consultation, give us a call today and speak with one of our helpful professionals!

How can I prevent shrub and tree pests in the future?

Preventing problems with tree and shrub pests is tricky. One of the best things you can do to avoid problems with these damaging pests is to take a proactive approach and partner with Trees Hurt Too, Inc. Our professionals will protect your trees and shrubs by stopping these pests before they become a problem on your Texas property!


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