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The Best Way To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Arlington Home

…Types Of Rodents That Try To Invade Homes The world is filled with different kinds… …are small rodents like jerboa that use their agile legs to jump around. Here in Arlington, the two most common types… …and rats. Mice are the smallest of the two and are able to squeeze through gaps and cracks that are the width of…
December 15, 2022

Shrub & Tree Pests | Common Tarrant County, TX Pest Identification

…(972) 853-5904 Get Started… …What are shrub and tree pests? When it comes to tree and shrub pests, the answer to what they are is simple: unwelcome intruders on our Texas properties that…
April 22, 2022

Mosquitoes | Common Tarrant County, TX Pest Identification

…(972) 853-5904 Get Started… …long proboscis. These insects use their proboscis to pierce the skin of a host and suck out their blood. Mosquitoes… …mosquitoes must consume blood meals from people or animals to complete their life cycles. The protein they gain from blood…
April 22, 2022

Protecting Your Arlington Trees And Shrubs From Damaging Pests

…landscaping is not only attractive, but it also adds to the value of your property by more than 25%. Trees and… …are living entities. An experienced arborist is trained to understand what they are trying to communicate through various signs and symptoms…
February 15, 2021

Fertilizing Trees And Shrubs In Arlington

…is actually just a side-effect of a healthy ecosystem, and to enable a robust, well-rounded plant ecosystem, you need… …if they're young or sick. The first solution that springs to many people's minds is fertilizer, and they'd be right, but it's important to pick the right kind for your lawn, or you risk doing more…
March 15, 2022

What You Should Know About Preventing Lawn Diseases In Arlington

…patches around lawns that cause grass and other greenery to grow weak. Summer patch: This issue closely resembles… …it occurs where grass is too dry or there is not access to proper water drainage. Fairy ring: While this might… …these halo-like markings on lawns indicate a fungal issue.To ensure a disease-free lawn, contact Trees Hurt Too Inc…
October 15, 2022

Why Deep-Root Feeding Is A Good Idea For Your Arlington Trees

…the outermost branches and extends downward about 1 1/2 to 3 feet deep and outward.  Tree root feeding uses pressure to inject a mixture of water and micronutrients… …foliage Bolsters the branch's strength Aerates the soil to allow for better absorption Strengthens the tree's…
November 15, 2022

Pre-Emergent Treatments For Your Arlington Lawn Is A Great Idea

…weed control treatments are solutions applied to your lawn in the early spring when temperatures are cooler to prevent the growth of weeds. Pre-emergents don't… …of weeds. The herbicides create a barrier over the soil to prevent weeds from ever sprouting. It's important to…
January 15, 2023

It’s Time To Fertilize Your Shrubs And Trees In Arlington

…Is The Best Time To Fertilize Trees And Shrubs Companies that provide… …lawn fertilizer services know that spring is the best time to begin. Woody plants, like trees and shrubs, begin the… …stored from the year before. Using fertilizers now helps to boost this growth, bringing vital nutrients to the trees…
March 15, 2023

Bed Bug Control In Tarrant County, TX | Trees Hurt Too, Inc.

…(972) 853-5904 Get Started… …bugs may not have lethal bites, but they can still lead to allergies or skin problems. They can also leave eggs in furniture, couches, and clothing, which will lead to a huge infestation in the future. At Trees Hurt Too, we…
April 22, 2022

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