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Stopping Moles From Destroying Your Tarrant County Yard

Moles are all too common pests here in the Tarrant County area. Although you don’t have to worry about them invading your house and causing problems inside, they can cause plenty of problems when they appear anywhere on your property. Moles dig tunnels that work as an underground highway system to move around, gather food, and nest. These tunnels will undermine the integrity of your yard. A mole infestation on your property will also damage grass and plants, be an injury risk to anyone who dares walk across your lawn. They will also cause damage to your foundation depending on where they dig and attract other pests, such as mice and rats, that will, in turn, get into your house.

If you have seen signs of a mole infestation on your Tarrant County property, you might hope that the problem will resolve itself. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. Once moles move in, the situation will only worsen as more moles are born, and they create more tunnels. To remove the infestation, you need the help of the professionals at Trees Hurt Too. Our experienced technicians have both the skills and the equipment necessary to eliminate your mole infestation.

mole digging into ground

Mole Services From Trees Hurt Too

Trees Hurt Too offers two mole control treatment methods to deal with your mole problem. When you contact us for mole services, we’ll go over both of these options with you and help you choose the service that best meets your particular needs.

Our Treatment Process


The first method is trapping. We use traps made by Bell Labs that are durable, reusable, and use the most up-to-date mole trapping technology. We’ll provide you with a free estimate, then visit your property to perform an inspection. This inspection is vital to our treatment process because it allows us to identify the main highway the moles are using on your property, as well as the paths built off their main highway. You do not need to be home during our inspection. 

Once we identify where the mole activity is taking place, we will set the traps in strategic areas that we determine based on our inspection findings. We’ll return on a regular recurring basis to check and reset the traps as needed.


Our second treatment method is baiting. We use bait made by Bell Labs designed to look, smell, and feel like real earthworms. The average price for this treatment is $300 per year, although this varies depending on the size of your yard. 

We do not require an inspection for this service. We will visit your property, punch down holes into the mole highway, put the bait in the holes, then cover the holes back over. Follow-up services occur every quarter. You can also call us anytime you see new mounds, and we will return to your property to re-treat.

The price of this treatment includes quarterly inspections and comes with a one-year warranty.

Say Goodbye To Damaging Moles

A mole infestation can be tough to overcome, but with the help of Trees Hurt Too, your property can become mole-free. We use effective pest control treatment methods to eliminate your mole infestation, and we offer the follow-up services necessary to make sure that the problem is fully taken care of. To learn more about our mole services or to request your free estimate, contact us today.

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