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Why Does Your Tarrant County Property Need Moisture Management?

Have you ever wondered why some lawns attract unwanted pests more than others? Typically, the unseen problem is moisture buildup or uneven dispersion. When you allow moisture to buildup in your yard and around the house, you’re exposing yourself to a variety of unwanted pests. However, unhealthy, dehydrated lawns will attract pest activity as well.

Termites, for instance, love nesting in yards with a lot of moisture buildup in certain areas. As they search through the soil for moist, rotting wood (which is easiest for them to eat), they’ll invade your home quickly if the wooden portions of your home’s foundation have been subject to moisture damage. Other pests like rodents and ants are attracted to moisture buildup in the yard as well, while mosquitoes will colonize areas of standing water.

Unfortunately, managing moisture issues is a fine line because plants need a certain amount of moisture buildup to survive. Toeing the line between a hydrated lawn and a lawn that attracts pests can be difficult without professional lawn care services, and the very best solutions can manage moisture buildup and dispersion at the same time, which is nearly impossible to do on your own.

standing water under a plant pot in tarrant county

Tarrant County area lawns can be fickle, and some types of vegetation require more moisture than others. If you want to ensure a healthy lawn that reduces pest attraction, then utilizing our moisture manager processes is definitely something to think about. 

Our Moisture Management Process

With our attention focused solely on taking care of your lawn and vegetation, our moisture management services involve an incredibly thorough three-step process provided by our Licensed Plant Health Care Professionals.

Free Consultation

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After you get in touch with us, we’ll schedule a free consultation on your property at your earliest convenience. One of our technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your property and all of your moisture management risks, along with conducting a few tests to examine the soil. The consultation also includes suggested treatment options and pricing.


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Once you’ve agreed on the best moisture management plan with your Licensed Plant Health Care Professional, we’ll begin the moisture management treatment. Our most common (and most effective) solution to moisture management problems is our custom Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management solution, which helps reduce the effects of evaporation so that your vegetation receives more water between rainfall. This solution facilitates ideal absorption of water and reduces the need for irrigation thus attracting fewer pests to your property. Furthermore, Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management helps disperse moisture buildup evenly to all of the soil which eliminates saturated areas that will attract unwanted pests.


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If your moisture management plan is accompanied by a general lawn care plan, then our technicians will follow-up regularly to check for any unseen moisture management issues. They’ll monitor the results of the Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management and run more tests if necessary.

Why Is Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management So Effective In Tarrant County?

The climate is hard on vegetation throughout Texas. If you allow your vegetation to dry up and die in the yard, it can quickly become a hotspot for pests. Fortunately, our Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management solution directly combats the detriments of our climate.

Moisture Manager Benefits

  • Reduces evaporative loss of moisture
  • Improves landscape water-use efficiency
  • Protects your lawn and landscape during a drought
  • Reduces or eliminate dry spots
  • Beautifies your lawn with less water
  • Saves money on your water bill

The effectiveness of Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management is all thanks to Hydretain, which is the solution’s active ingredient. When a drought occurs, the next rainfall or irrigation will not necessarily get to the plants. In fact, as the forces of gravity and evaporation work in opposite directions, a large percentage of the water is wasted.

Hydretain permeates the soil and prevents evaporative loss. It lays dormant if there are adequate amounts of liquid in the soil, but it creates a big impact when needed (which is quite frequently in the Tarrant County area). Since plants can’t utilize moisture vapor, Hydretain actually recaptures the moisture to turn it back to a useable form for the vegetation in the yard craving water between rainfall or irrigation sessions.

If you want to learn more or you want to get your property tested for moisture management needs, just call Trees Hurt Too Inc. We’ll come out for a free consultation at your earliest convenience.


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