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Lawn & Tree Care Hurst Can Count On

When you own a home or business in the Hurst area, it’s not always easy to identify all of the pest problems that threaten what’s most important to you. However, what you may not realize is the fact that keeping your property safe from pests begins with proper lawn and tree care. That’s why Trees Hurt Too Inc. provides all of the following benefits to create the first line of defense against pests on your property:

  • Certified arborists on staff

  • High-quality lawn and tree care

  • Pest control services

  • Termite prevention services

  • Texas certified applicator of lawn and ornamental plant services

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our trained tree and lawn care professionals.

Commercial Lawn Care In Hurst, TX

As a business owner in the Hurst area, you might think that having a beautiful lawn is enough to attract customers to your facility. However, a beautiful, yet unhealthy lawn does not provide any defense against the invasive pests of the area. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of commercial facility you run, pests will try to invade your lawn, infest your trees, detract from the value of your property, and eventually make their way into your facility.

If you want the kind of pest control that works inside and outside your facility, then partner with a Trees Hurt Too Inc. professional. With comprehensive care packages and years of experience dealing with commercial lawn care issues, we have everything we need to ensure you have a healthy lawn and pest-free business.


What Residents Of The Hurst Area Need To Know About Mosquito Control

a mosquito in a hurst yard

Many people might think that mosquitoes are just an unavoidable fact of life. They might also think that mosquitoes are simply a harmless nuisance. However, both of these ideas are dangerously incorrect. Mosquitoes are actually avoidable with the proper professional help, and they truly are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. 

Infecting their bite victims at a rate of one in every 300, mosquitoes will transmit dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, and more.

Mosquitoes typically breed in any form of standing water in the yard over a half-inch deep, which can be in a variety of items around the property after a rainstorm. Unfortunately, simply pouring the water out will not necessarily break the breeding cycle once larvae are present, possibly leading to a robust and dangerous infestation. 

In order to break the breeding cycle, the most effective method is partnering with a Trees Hurt Too Inc. mosquito expert. Our years of experience and innovative mosquito mists and larvicide can break the breeding cycle and deter mosquito attraction to your property, even if there is significant amount of standing water. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection for comprehensive mosquito care on your Hurst property.

How Important Is Perimeter Pest Control In The Hurst Area?

a healthy lawn in hurst

If you have pest problems on your Hurst property, taking care of your home is just half the battle. Unfortunately, a variety of pest problems originate out in the yard, due to an unhealthy lawn or a lack of perimeter pest defense. If you continue to try and take care of your home on your own, you’ll continue to fight an uphill battle against invasive pests.

By partnering with Trees Hurt Too Inc. residential pest control experts, you can enjoy perimeter pest defense that leads to a healthier lawn and a much lower chance of pest problems in the home. Our comprehensive approach involves pH balancing technology for the soil, tree care products to ensure that your trees stay healthy, and lawn protection for the invasive pests that will threaten your vegetation.

A healthy lawn is your first and most effective line of defense against the invasive pests of the Hurst area, so don’t continue repeating the same mistakes expecting to get better results. Take care of your lawn (and help take care of your home) and start enjoying the pest-free lifestyle you’ve been wanting. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

Why Choose Professional Tree Care In The Hurst Area?

Did you know that there are hundreds of species of pests in the Hurst area that can threaten the health of your trees? Unfortunately, when your trees are threatened, they can deteriorate from the quality of the soil around the entire yard. In this scenario, the lawn incurs an imbalance of pH value, attracting all kinds of unwanted pest activity. 

The more these pests invade your lawn, the more they will invade your home or business. That’s why professional tree care provides the first step in a comprehensive pest control package. By keeping your trees healthy and beautiful, we can ensure the health of your soil and ensure that your lawn will provide the first line of defense against invasive pests of the area. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection for your tree and soil health and get started on our effective tree care services.


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