What You Should Know About Preventing Lawn Diseases In Arlington

October 15, 2022

Caring for your lawn is more complex than simply mowing it on a regular basis; it involves having an in-depth knowledge of its health and potential issues. The truth is that the average homeowner isn’t well versed in these topics, nor do they have access to the top-shelf products that are required in order to adequately protect a lawn. At Trees Hurt Too Inc., we’ll make sure that our Arlington lawn control always protects your property. We provide regular treatments in order to keep your yard looking and feeling good. For more information on caring for your yard, please enjoy the following guide.

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Types Of Diseases That Can Plague Arlington Lawns

A lawn is a living, breathing entity that can be the victim of diseases just the way that people and animals can. Some of the issues that lawns face include:

  • Brown patch: This looks exactly like it sounds. There are sparse and dry brown patches around lawns that cause grass and other greenery to grow weak.
  • Summer patch: This issue closely resembles brown patch; however, it occurs where grass is too dry or there is not access to proper water drainage.
  • Fairy ring: While this might sound pleasant, these halo-like markings on lawns indicate a fungal issue.
    To ensure a disease-free lawn, contact Trees Hurt Too Inc. for lawn care in Arlington today. 

Signs Of Disease To Watch For In Your Lawn

There are numerous diseases that can strike your Arlington lawn; however, they are all a little different and appear in a variety of ways. Some of the signs that your lawn might be hurting include:

  • Dry, brittle blades of grass
  • Missing patches of grass or grass that is a brown or gray color
  • An abundance of pests like grubs
  • A large ring-shaped pattern
  • Grass that has a slimy texture
  • Dying or discolored leaves

Never ignore any of the aforementioned signs because they may indicate larger issues and diseases for your lawn. Rather, contact Trees Hurt Too Inc. for routine lawn care and a proactive approach that you can trust. For more information, call us.

Factors That Contribute To Your Lawn's Health

Your lawn’s health is a multi-layered issue that is far more detailed than what you see on the surface. There are subtle and more complicated factors that contribute to the overall health of your lawn. For example, is your lawn saturated with water? Has it developed a fungus problem? Inadequate fertilization or aeration can also lead to issues, as can drought and environmental factors like the excessive heat that the area experiences at times throughout the year. If your lawn is treated with the wrong chemicals, it may develop issues as a direct result as well. At Trees Hurt Too Inc. we are experts in Arlington lawn health and we have the tools to make sure that your lawn is always in good standing. For more information, call us today.

The Best Way To Treat And Prevent Lawn Disease

At Trees Hurt Too Inc. we are the local experts in Arlington lawn care. Our Arlington lawn services are comprehensive and built to treat a wide variety of issues that our neighbors face throughout the year. Because we understand that every lawn is unique, we always perform a thorough assessment of a property before we make any recommendations for treatment. We will also have an in-depth conversation with our potential clients about their concerns so that we can formulate a customized treatment plan to address our findings.

In order to provide the most effective service, we offer a lawn care program as well as a plan that includes ornamental care. Some of the services that we include in these packages are pre and post-emergent weed control, organic fertilization, fungus control, and more. Customers will also benefit from free re-services when needed. To learn more about our lawn care solutions, call us today.

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