It’s Time To Fertilize Your Shrubs And Trees In Arlington

March 15, 2023

Spring in Texas is a beautiful time of year. We’re excited to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Shrubs and trees thrive this time of year, and tree service companies know it is the best time to fertilize them. 

Working with a company that provides lawn fertilization and tree service in Arlington can allow you to care for your entire property. Trees, shrubs, and lawns can all benefit from fertilization in the spring.

Not all lawn fertilization companies can care for the needs of all the trees, shrubs, and grass on your property. Only paying attention to the grass can harm the other plants in your yard. Continue reading to learn more about fertilization, caring for your trees and shrubs this spring, and how professional fertilization services from Trees Hurt Too Inc. can help.

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When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Trees And Shrubs

Companies that provide tree, shrub, and lawn fertilizer services know that spring is the best time to begin. Woody plants, like trees and shrubs, begin the new year’s growth during spring, using elements stored from the year before. Using fertilizers now helps to boost this growth, bringing vital nutrients to the trees and shrubs.

Working with a local business like Trees Hurt Too Inc., which offers shrub and tree services in your area, is ideal because we understand the needs of native plants and trees. Fertilizing at the wrong time of year can cause problems for your trees and shrubs. 

The Benefits Of Regular Fertilization Of Your Landscape Elements

Regular tree, shrub, and lawn fertilization has many benefits for your landscape, including:

  • Using the right fertilizer can help reduce weeds throughout your landscape.
  • Your landscape elements will have better disease resistance.
  • Tree, shrub, and lawn treatments keep your landscape healthier and resistant to pests like insects and rodents.
  • Your entire landscape will have a better appearance throughout the year.

Trees Hurt Too Inc. can provide tree, shrub, and lawn fertilizer services to help you achieve a healthier overall landscape.

Tips To Keep Your Trees And Shrubs Looking Amazing This Spring

When you think about maintaining a beautiful yard, your first thought is often the lawn, but caring for your trees and shrubs is critical to the health of your entire landscape. Here are some tips from tree service pros to keep your trees and shrubs looking good this spring:

  • Fertilize tree, shrub, and lawn treatments to help your entire landscape achieve healthy, lush growth.
  • Inspect the trees and shrubs for overall health and any signs of disease. If you see potential problems, contact a company that provides tree services in your area as soon as possible.
  • Keep an eye out for insects and fungi that may harm your trees and shrubs.
  • Spring is the time to plant new trees to keep your landscape fresh and amazing.

Working with a local tree, shrub, and lawn fertilization company like Trees Hurt Too Inc. will keep your landscape looking its best this spring.

Professional Fertilization Services Takes The Headache Out Of Lawncare

Let’s face it, caring for your trees, shrubs, and lawn is a lot of hard work. Teaming up with a local company that provides lawn, shrub, and tree service can take the headache out of caring for your landscape. 

At Trees Hurt Too Inc., our Licensed Plant Health Care Professionals are here to help. We understand the needs of your landscape elements and want to assist you in achieving the landscape of your dreams. Contact us today to set up your free consultation for tree, shrub, and lawn fertilization and learn more about our services.

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