How To Grow And Maintain A Healthy Lawn In Arlington

April 15, 2022

A healthy lawn requires a customized approach that extends much further than mowing and pulling weeds from time to time. Dead spots, excessive moisture, and pest intrusion are all concerns that hinder a healthy lawn. Having treatment performed by a professional is important, as they will conduct pre-emergent weed control, natural fertilization methods, comprehensive insect prevention, and more.

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Lawn Treatment And Pest Control In Arlington

Lawn service in Arlington is critical to maintaining a healthy exterior. Providers of local lawn treatment services are familiar with the types of grass and soil that exist and the best means of ensuring ideal conditions.

Why Fertilizer Is Good For Lawns

Proper fertilization is important for ensuring that sufficient nutrients are available to maintain vibrant growth. Professional applicators recognize the environmental conditions and choose a fertilizer that is most appropriate. Fertilization is also beneficial to trees by maintaining the optimal levels of nitrogen, potassium, and other key nutrients.

The Benefits Of Organic Fertilizer

Among the various lawn maintenance services that we provide is fertilization that must be chosen based on the species of grass. The soil is properly tested to assess excessive levels of potassium, acidity, or other harmful concerns that reduce the nutrients needed to keep the grass healthy.

Organic fertilizers are a key tool for those who provide environmental pest and lawn services. The applications must be adjusted for seasonal variances such as in spring, summer, or fall. Fertilizers are also chosen for lawns based on whether there is sufficient direct sunlight and in response to seasons where there was limited rainfall.

Organic fertilizers are now used in place of synthetic products that were largely developed for agricultural purposes during a time when environmental regulations were lax. Many synthetic blends contain excessive amounts of phosphorus and other agents that are harmful to the environment.

Diseases That Can Attack Your Lawn

Did you know that lawns are susceptible to harmful diseases? Among the most common are large patches that are often circular and result in unsightly discoloration of the lawn. Excessive moisture accumulations, such as pools of standing water, may create an algae-like material that develops and slowly spreads throughout the surface. During periods of particularly hot and humid weather, dark rings often form caused by fungi.

Professional Disease Management

Among the most critical lawn maintenance services involves the prevention of disease. Among the most critical factors in limiting disease is preventing bacterial and fungal growth that causes problems such as:

  • Consumption of the nutrients and water necessary to maintain a healthy lawn
  • Development of rot within the root systems beneath
  • Anthracnose is a fungal disease that primarily harms trees and makes them susceptible to damage from pests
  • Fungal conk and similar conditions that cause wood to rot

Having assistance from a local professional is the recommended solution for these types of problems.

Local Lawn Treatment Services And Tree Care Experts

Trees Hurt Too provides superior lawn service in Arlington. For nearly 25 years, our customers have experienced positive outcomes that protect their investment by eliminating pests and undesirable vegetation.

Our team is properly trained in environmental pest and lawn services that are both safe and effective. We recognize the importance of keeping the exterior areas free of harmful pests and wildlife that can quickly lead to additional problems inside your home.

We now have International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists on staff that strive to maintain healthy trees that support sustainability in our local communities. ISA members know the value of trees to the environment and are trained according to the leading scientific standards.  

Be sure to ask your representative about our Total Package Service Plan, which is a detailed plan that involves monthly treatment visits that delivers a diverse number of benefits. This plan includes interior pest control, exterior protection from rodents and will safely prevent termites.

Contact us today for an onsite consultation.

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