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Pest Control In Bedford, TX

Located in Tarrant County, Bedford is a massive Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex suburb. While this part of Texas is known for its art and industry, its dense population means that pest populations crop up all over the Mid-Cities area. Pests spillover from the urban centers or are attracted to local homes and businesses of human activity. This is why Bedford property owners need to know how to prevent pests entirely and turn to professionals for assistance. 

Do-It-Yourself Or Professional Lawn Care; Which Is Better For You? 

Most people don't think about lawn care as the first line of defense against pests. Sure, you want your yard to look nice, and you want your plants to stay healthy, but lawn care is also about keeping pest populations from moving in – because infestations inside of your home tend to start thanks to infestations in your yard. This is why proper lawn care service comes from professionals. While you can keep up on general maintenance, you won't know all the various treatments for seasonal pest problems, let alone how to apply them thoroughly and effectively. Instead of trying to go about it on your own, turn to the professionals at Trees Hurt Too. We named our business this because we believe plants should lead healthy and safe lives, too, free from pests that eat at their leaves and weeds that choke off their roots. That's how you know we'll always provide the best lawn care services for your yard. Contact us today to get started. 


The Trick To Keeping Your Beloved Bedford Trees Healthy

healthy lawn and trees

People take pride in their lawns. And why not? They are the first things people see when they approach our properties, and they are the pleasant fenced-in areas where we hang out when we want to enjoy the incredible Texas sky. From the grasses to the trees, every plant in your lawn adds to the effect of our own little slices of paradise. But trees can fall victim to all kinds of trouble, from pests that chew on their leaves and hollow out their trunks to diseases that impact their roots and overall health. That's why the trick to keeping your trees healthy is to partner with an arborist who knows how to tell what risks your trees have and how to address them adequately. At Trees Hurt Too, we can inspect your yard for signs of pest activity, weeds, or fungi that might impact your trees' health. Plus, we can offer nutrient treatments that aid your plant's growth and prevent future infestations from threatening it. Call or visit us online for help with your lawn care in Bedford today. 

The Dangers Of Having Fire Ants In Your Bedford Lawn

fire ant hill in a lawn

When people think of ants, most picture the tiny black bugs that are annoying but mostly harmless. But in Texas, we have far more dangerous ant varieties that can be just as common as harmless ones you see crawling around on the pavement. Fire ants can move into your yard and even get inside of your home, leading to these kinds of problems once they do: 

  • Stings: People think it's a fire ant's bite that hurts so bad, but it's their stingers. Just like bees, they have rear barbs that carry stinging venom. Not only is it an excruciating feeling, but some people can also even be allergic to the compound. 
  • Population: Fire ant colonies multiply and can even "bud" or split into multiple populations. This can primarily occur if you try to eliminate them on your own, using methods that don't thoroughly wipe them out, and then encourages them to breed more queens. 
  • Other Pests: As dangerous as fire ants can be to people, they aren't at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. That means that as their populations take off, other pests will move in to feed off of them or compete for the same resources. 

You can stop the cycle of these problems by contacting the pros at Trees Hurt Too right away. 

Lawn Pest Exterminator In Bedford 

Pests in your yard don't just impact the health of your trees and lawn. As pest populations grow outside, they can find a way inside, leading to even more significant property damage or health impacts. Plus, pest populations that thrive outdoors will attract other pests to your property, beginning a cycle of infestation that is difficult to impossible to get rid of on your own. Instead of reacting to lawn pests, you should start proper lawn pest control early. Prevention is better than elimination because pests can hunker down and even hide deep within the soil to avoid complete extermination. In comparison, early preventative methods can prevent their colonies from starting in the first place, better protecting your lawn from damage. At Trees Hurt Too, we can get started right away, so don't hesitate to call.


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